“Perfect…Fantastic. This needs to be on the resource shelf in every Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit in the country.”

Ed Hall, M.D., South Georgia Surgical Associates

“I have just completed reading your text, 'Pit Viper Snakebite Assessment and Treatment — Applying the Standard.' The book has some great practical advice aimed at the caregiver. The information mirrors how most poison centers care for snake-bitten patients. I think that the nursing staff caring for the patient will find the assessment templates are particularly useful during change of shift.”

Jeffrey N. Bernstein, M.D., Medical Director of the Florida Poison Information Center / Miami

"I have never taken care of a snakebite victim before, but if I had to I would want this book to help guide me. The background information that you provide about snake identification along with behaviors of the creature is very useful, even on a personal level. The book is arranged in an easy to read format with a large appendix of useful tools and information. The book allows for healthcare users at any level."

Diane Dockery, MSN-Education, RN, CMSRN, Professional Development Coordinator, Murphy Medical Center

The Book
“Though generally one may expect a more impressive or less impressive clinical picture with a bite by one species of snake over another species, it is important to remember that it is symptomatology and lab values that determine treatment, not the size or type of pit viper.”